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Shaker conveyors with out of balance motors

Out of balance motors are with 10.000 Newtons centrifugal force, a very powerfull drive which can be carefully applied. If applied correctly, lubrication-free. Nowadays much of these types are deliverable in stainless steel and/or with ATEX.

Shaker conveyors with out of balance motors

For every companie there is a different need for shaker conveyors. At Invicon you can get shaker conveyors developed electromagnetically but also with out of balance motors.

Due to the powerfull drive with its 10.000 Newton centrifugal force, applications for the industry is numerous.

We from Invicon have over more of a quarter of a century experience in designing and building these conveyors. The result is an application which will give your company the means to be succesfull. Because of the exact application the conveyors are almost maintenance free and have a long product life.